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HCSLI is currently planning a summer project to be implemented in Pujehun District- Sierra Leone. To know more about the project and how you can get involved, please contact the board member in charge, Ellie Nowak, at

Sierra Leone celebrates its 47th Independence Day Anniversary on April 27th, 2008. To commemorate this day, HCSLI will be hosting an event to commemorate the 47th Anniversary of Sierra Leone's Independence on April 26th, at Harvard College. The main focus of the event will be a panel discussion concerning the political status of Sierra Leone and the course of future development. We are highly fortunate to have secured an assembly of illustrious participants, namely Dr Karefa Smart (a member of the delegation that brought independence to Sierra Leone, former deputy Director General at WHO and professor at HMS and HSPH), Isaiah Washington (celebrated actor and star of 'Grey's Anatomy', of Sierra Leonean descent, he has founded an NGO which is working on several projects in Sierra Leone), Ishmael Beah (a former child soldier and distinguished speaker who has lobbied tirelessly against the use of child soldiers), and Eleanor Thompson (a 2006 Harvard College graduate born to Sierra Leonean parents who has worked with child soldiers in Uganda and Sierra Leone). Since its independence, Sierra Leone has been burdened by economic crises, corruption and civil war, which have contributed to render it one of the poorest countries in the world. This plight has obscured the beauty of its culture and the depth of its history, concealing hope of progress behind despair. Please join us as we consider a positive future for Sierra Leone and celebrate another year of independence in which the empowering influence of self-development might provide the kernel for unity and prosperity." To particpate in the planning of the event, please send an email to

Our Partners for this event include the Harvard University Committee on Human Rights Studies, the Felix-Xaviere Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, the Swiss Consulate of Boston and the Harvard Foundation

Current Affairs
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Charles Taylor former President of Liberia Faces Justice for War Crimes In Sierra Leone

Taylor's trial begins in the Hague.

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