Sahn Malen

HCSLI Projects:

In the past, members of HCSLI have worked on malaria projects in Sierra Leone among other things. The scope of projects is limitless- send your ideas to the board.

Davis Projects for Peace : HCSLI won a $10,000 grant through Harvard to renovate a Youth Center with an international NGO called Saving Lives through Alternate Options (SLAO). To read our project proposal and see how you might be involved, please visit Here or contact the lead member Ellie Nowak (see board for her contact info).
Please find a picture of the Youth Center.

This Week, HCSLI just won a $500 grant from

Current Affairs
relevant to Sierra Leone

Charles Taylor former President of Liberia Faces Justice for War Crimes In Sierra Leone

Taylor's trial begins in the Hague.

Check here again to find a regualarly updated news about Sierra Leone.