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Harvard Energy & Environment Network
The Harvard Energy & Environment Network unites various student energy and environmental organizations that exist across the university. HEEN facilitates the coordination of activities between Harvard’s various clubs, and serves as a portal for students interested in energy and environmental issues at Harvard. In addition to pooling and disseminating information about events, discussions and lectures hosted by clubs across Harvard’s various schools, HEEN also organizes some Harvard-wide environment and energy events that help to develop friendships and encourage students to share insights from their various academic and professional pursuits. These include:

Previously, students interested in topics related to energy or environmental issues were affiliated with distinct, but occasionally overlapping, organizations. In recognition of the interdependency of energy and the environment, we have merged the mailing lists of the Environment Society with the energy network to reinforce the emerging dialogue between both communities. While advocacy groups are welcome to join and contribute, HEEN does not take formal positions on energy and environment policies and issues.

All Harvard students are welcome at HEEN events and can stay up to date by joining the HEEN mailing list. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Harvard Climate Collaborative
The Harvard Climate Collaborative (HCC) brings together leaders of Harvard’s environmental groups on a monthly basis to discuss individual and collective challenges in bringing more progressive environmental practices to our communities within and beyond Harvard. These discussions are a critical setting for peer collaboration and feedback, as well as an avenue for liaising with key administration members in an effort to voice student’s concerns. The group facilitates two-way student-administration accountability, feedback, student-to-student collaboration and sharing of best practices.

Additionally, the HCC provides a mechanism for institutional memory within the environmental community and dissemination of information via a comprehensive annual report. The annual report outlines the actions taken by one or many school-affiliated environmental groups and makes recommendations for improving sustainable practices on campus, especially in relation to the greenhouse gas reduction commitment. The report from 2008-2009 can be found here.


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