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For questions related to the Harvard Energy & Environment Network, please contact:

Benjamin Fine
Benjamin is a senior at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics and Energy. His interest in energy can be traced back to his first Popular Science magazine and he hopes to be part of the movement to globalize clean power. Ben is involved with the Green House Gas Student Advisory Group and works with Sandra to coordinate HEEN.
Sandra Ray
Sandra is a second year student at Harvard Law School. She got hooked on environmental issues while doing her bachelors in conservation biology at Arizona State University. At the law school, Sandra enjoys editing for the Environmental Law Review and is looking forward to leading HEEN with Ben this year.

For questions regarding the Harvard Climate Collaborative, please contact:

Stephen Jensen
Stephen is in his fourth year as a PhD student in Physical Chemistry at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In the past Stephen has helped lead an environmental focus group for the graduate residence halls and recently completed the Graduate Environmental Consortium on Energy and the Environment.
Eric Uva
Eric is a second year student at Harvard’s Kennedy School developing energy policy at the nexus of business and government.  Committed to expanding the Clean-Tech industry’s global reach, Eric brings several years experience financing and building early-stage and mid-market energy companies.  His most recent venture seeks to redefine electricity transmission by entwining energy and information technology.

Past Leadership:

Harvard Energy and Environment Network: Julia Africa and Kate Dennis (2009-2010)
Harvard Climate Collaborative: Emma Crossen and Karen McKinnon (2009-2010); Aron Chang and Spring Greeney (2008-2009)


Please see Organizations for information about how to contact each environment and energy group affiliated with the Harvard Energy and Environment Network, along with information about each group’s mission and target audience.