Harvard Energy Journal Club


Each week during the semester, we meet to discuss subjects relevant to the science and technology of energy.

The HEJC meets in the Harvard Center for the Environment Seminar Room which is located on the fourth floor of the Geological Museum (26 Oxford St).  Directions are available here.


For more details and our updated meeting schedule, please visit our website at https://hejc.environment.harvard.edu.

Mailing List

All journal articles and other materials that are chosen for discussion, as well as any schedule changes, will be distributed through the mailing list.

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Mailing list archives can be found here.

About Us

We are a journal club that meets weekly with the goal of facilitating discussion and furthering our understanding of the technical details of energy technology and science. Our primary purpose is not to discuss policy issues, but rather it is to enable us to develop the necessary technical background to better understand energy issues and policy.

Our topics, chosen based on member interest, generally fall within the following broad categories:

  • Depletable Resources
       (e.g. Oil, Gas, Clean Coal, Nuclear, CO2 Capture & Storage)

  • Renewable Resources
       (e.g. Solar, Hydro, Wind, Biomass/Biofuels, Wave, Tidal, Geothermal)

  • Technology and Applications
       (e.g. Energy Storage, Electric Grid, Fuel Cells)

The HEJC is open to all members of the Harvard and MIT community. A technical background is not needed.

Contact Us

For additional information about the HEJC, please contact us at .

Other Energy Groups

The HEJC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Harvard University Center for the Environment.