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Medical School Trips for the 2012 Spring Semester

  • Mt. Sinai and Cornell: Feburary 3
  • Tufts: Feburary 10
  • Yale: Feburary 17
  • Columbia and NYU: March 23
  • Boston University: March 30

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Join HEPS for our annual Medical School trips in and around the New England area. Ticket price includes transportation (to out-of-state schools only), Q&A’s with Admissions Directors, tours of the medical facilities, and insight from current medical students. Admissions officers want your matriculation data, so buy a ticket and gain the competitive edge! This is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to medical school and to the people who make admissions decisions.

The trips are filling very quickly, so sign up now. Once the trip is filled, please sign up for the waitlist; to confirm your waitlist position, email You can participate in as many trips as you like, and we encourage you to come prepared with questions.

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