Preparing for Medical School Trips

Medical school visits are here!

Get a feel for different medical schools through tours, Q&A’s with Admissions Directors and insight from current medical students. It is a clear opportunity to gain the edge when it comes to upcoming applications and interviews.

Before your medical school visit…

Research: Visit the school’s website, look up their profile in the MSAR, find what interests you about the school and what you want to learn more about. You will get the opportunity to be in a small group speaking with current students and Admissions Directors who will potentially be reviewing your application. Come with questions!

Attire: These trips are a unique opportunity for HEPS members to see the schools they will be applying to and meeting medical students who will eventually be their peers. This is an excellent opportunity to make a first impression that can carry on into your application process. Simply put:

Wear what you would wear to a medical school interview!

This experience is much like a dry run for the interviews you will have during the application process. Please do not wear: jeans, sneakers, sweats, etc. Your attire for this trip is a reflection of HEPS and its membership and holds bearing on our future ability to conduct these trips.

Day of your medical school visit…

Contact Information: Make sure your cell phone is charged, on and ringing the day of the medical school visit. The New York trips leave extremely early in the morning, and things happen. If we don’t know where you are, we will be forced to leave without you. Make sure to put the email address and phone number of the Medical School Outreach Coordinator into your phone should you need it on the day.

Enthusiasm: Get excited for your trip! In addition to being informative, these trips are a lot of fun. You get a chance to spend time with classmates outside of the classroom environment and get a glimpse of your next chapter after your hard work at the Extension School.


We look forward to going on these trips with you. As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to email our Medical School Outreach Coordinator at