Musalla Library Wish List

Our goals for this list are threefold: to create strong community connections with students and alumni and a sense of ownership over our shared space, to cover foundational gaps in our library, and to cultivate sources that reflect the diversity of backgrounds and interests in our community!

So here’s how it works:

Step 1
Take a look at our wish list at this link! These books were chosen by the community with the above goals in mind.

Step 2
Take a look around your libraries, see what books on our list you might have lying around. Our preference would be for used books, but if you’re willing to purchase some as well, we would be grateful.

Step 3
If you’re committed to sending us a book, please comment on the document that your book is covered on the wish list (this will help us avoid doubles). We would love for you to include a personal note! (Though you may choose to remain anonymous). Then please ship it to us at:

Harvard Islamic Society
Student Organization Center at Hilles
Box # 61
59 Shepard Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

We’re very excited about this initiative, and appreciate your generosity in advance! Inshallah, these sources will continue to benefit, guide, and empower the Muslim community at Harvard for years to come.

Many thanks! Jazakum Allahu Khairan,
The Harvard Islamic Society

Harvard University Muslim Alumni Dinner

The Harvard University Muslim Alumni (HUMA) welcomes you to the 6th annual Reunion Dinner! All Harvard affiliates (alumni, students, faculty, etc) and family are invited. HUMA is always excited to see our community grow so all children under the age of 12 attend gratis.

Come reconnect with old friends and meet other Harvard Muslims! The annual dinner brings HUMA members from across the globe to a single venue, building a strong Harvard Muslim community to further HUMA’s long-term mission: facilitating professional networking and mentoring, supporting the Muslim community on campus, helping students access Harvard, etc.

Our very own Dr. Hussein Rashid will be giving this year’s keynote address. See below for additional information about his work and background.

Reception & Mixer: 5:30pm-6:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Please note that this is a ticketed event and space is limited, so please reserve your tickets early.

About the keynote speaker
Hussein Rashid, PhD, is founder of islamicate, L3C, a consultancy focusing on religious literacy and cultural competency. He is a contingent faculty member most often associated with Hofstra University. His research focuses on Muslims and American popular culture.
He is a fellow with The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship, the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute, and the Truman National Security Project. He was a fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, and a term member on the Council of Foreign Relations.
He is on the advisory boards of Deily, Sacred Matters, Anikaya Dance Theater, the Tanenbaum Center, and Al-Rawiya. He served on the advisory board of Project Interfaith, Everplans, and the British Council’s Our Shared Future Program. He is currently working with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan as a content expert.

Buy your tickets HERE!

Please consider donating to the Muslim Life Fund, which works to increase resources available to Muslim students on campus.

Sects Ed: Panel on Islamic Literacy

Sects Ed Event Flyer

We are excited to announce an important event for our community next Friday, March 25, 7pm. AlhamdulilLah, we have put together a fantastic panel of speakers to teach about various communities of tradition in Islam that make up our community and world. We hope everyone will make it out to learn and for a chance to talk about the importance of Islamic literacy and unity. See more information below:

What is the real difference between “Sunnis” and “Shi’ites”? Do all Muslims fall into one of those two categories? What about Ismai’ilis? Zaidis? Ahmadis? Ibadis? Why do there seem to be so many different groups within Islam? What problems does this pose for American Muslims? Why is it important for us to know?

Bring questions and join the Harvard Islamic Society for a panel on the different “sects” and communities within Islam, what those communities entail, and what our responsibilities are in educating ourselves on the diversity within our ummah.

Everyone is welcome. Bring questions, bring friends.

TSAI Auditorium, CGIS South Building – 7pm – Friday, March 25, 2016

Introducing the 2015-16 Undergraduate Board

Introducing our 2015-2016 Undergraduate Board! The board is excited to serve the community and bring forth some great programming. To find out more about individual officers, please click here:


NEW HIS-PBHA Service Program!

The External Relations Committee of HIS is excited to announce a new initiative we have been working on this semester. Insha’Allah, we will be applying to create a service program under the Phillips Brooks House Association for the Muslim communities in North Cambridge/Alewife. As we mentioned in a previous email, there is a significant (and in some cases, working-poor) Muslim community in North Cambridge, most of whom are South Asian and East African immigrant communities. We hope to use the incredible resources we have here to give back to our neighboring Muslim communities. Below are two opportunities for anyone interested in getting involved with this initiative.

    Steering Committee:

The steering committee will work together to determine the best way to structure and develop this mentoring program. Individuals on the steering committee will work intimately with PBHA to gain approval for our program and facilitate relationships with Muslim communities in North Cambridge. Steering committee members will also help in shaping the mission and long-term vision of the joint HIS-PBHA program. The application is open to all interested current undergraduate and graduate students! Fill out this short application by Friday October 23rd if interested!

    Community Service Volunteer:

This is for anyone and everyone who is interested in volunteering with this program in the coming months and semesters. Even if you are unsure if you will be able to commit to this program right now, please sign up by Friday October 23rd so we can reach out to you with updates and assess what times work best for everyone in our community.

As community input is critical in shaping our program with PBHA, we strongly encourage anyone with suggestions, criticisms or concerns to email us at and

Ju’maa Prayer Location Change


We are writing this email to inform you that Ju’maa Prayers at Harvard University have moved for the fall and spring terms. Prayers will now be held in LOWELL LECTURE HALL instead of Holden Chapel. The prayers will be held in Lowell Lecture Hall starting this Friday, August 21, 2015. Please see below for a detailed map of the location.

If you have any questions regarding Ju’maa prayers or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us at

With best regards,
Harvard Islamic Society

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 7.12.10 PM

Upcoming Events

Events on May 27, 2016


Starts: 1:00 pm

Ends: 2:00 pm

Events on May 28, 2016

Cambridge Rindge Mentoring Program

Starts: 1:00 pm

Ends: 3:00 pm

Jamaat in the Musallah

Maghrib Athan 6:00 PM
Maghrib Prayer 6:10 PM
Ishaa Athan 7:20 PM
Ishaa Prayer 7:30 PM.

For directions to the Musallah, please click here.