Congratulations HIS Executive Board of 2014!

We are proud to announce the next executive board of Harvard Islamic Society that will be transitioning in starting January 2014. Please join us in congratulating the next board who will insha’Allah lead HIS into a shining future! We wish them the best of luck!

President: Yacine Fares
Vice President: Saheela Ibraheem
Secretary: Ameen Chaudry
Treasurer: Zaahid Khan
Director of External Relations: Omar Khoshafa
Director of Internal Relations: Lana Idris
Director of Islamic Learning: Abeer ElTemtamy
Director of Development: Hassaan Shahawy

Please reach out to any of the current or next board members with any questions, comments, or concerns, at

Thank you and best regards,

Harvard Islamic Society
Executive Board of 2013