The Harvard Libertarian Forum is an inclusive organization which provides a forum for the discussion of libertarian moral and political philosophy and works to foster a greater interest in and commitment to the ideals of liberty.

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The Harvard Libertarian Forum is an inclusive organization not affiliated with any political party. Anyone who believes that we would benefit from a freer society than we have today is welcome in the HLF. Our members are anarchists, anarcho-capitalists, anti-imperialists, bleeding-heart libertarians, capital libertarians, classical liberals, federalists, followers of the non-agression principle, individualists, individualist-anarchists, laissez-faire capitalists, left-libertarians, libertarian party members, minarchists, new federalists, objectivists, political freethinkers, pro-liberty activists, states-rightsists, and voluntarists. In addition, we welcome anyone who may not identify with any classically liberal philosophy, but is interested in learning more about the principles of liberty.

The Harvard Libertarian Forum strives to create and support a libertarian community on campus, to provide our members with liberty-related resources, to foster dialogue about classical liberalism and its competing philosophies, and to spread the message of freedom in the university and the surrounding community. We strive to create opportunities for freedom-loving students and community members to develop lasting friendships with each other, discuss and debate philosophy in a classical liberal context, and grow in their understanding and commitment to the ideals of liberty. We also work to increase the profile of classical liberal ideals on campus through events, demonstrations, and publicity campaigns. Whenever possible, we strive to provide both members of the Harvard Libertarian Forum and members of the greater Harvard community with books, essays, and other documents that make the case for liberty.

You can access our constitution here

To get more involved, contact HLF by email or come to our weekly meetings, Wednesday at 8:00 pm in Sever 107