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Fall 2010 Schedule of Events

Stay tuned for future events! If you want to be emailed directly about upcoming HNES events, join our mailing list (see link above)!

Here is a summary of the fall 2010 semester of HNES activities!

Lecture: Katherine Eremine, Straus Center for Conservation, Harvard Art Museums:Wednesday, November 3, 5:00pm. Semitic Museum Rm. 201. "Copper-Zinc Alloys at Nuzi?: Dilemmas from an Early Archaeological Collection." Reception to follow. The lecture is free and open to the Harvard Community.
HNES Reconquest Party: Wednesday Nov. 10, 7-10 pm. Harvard Semitic Museum, 6 Divinity Ave, Cambridge, MA.
Its time to celebrate the restructuring of the HNES with an inaugural party! We hope this will only be the first of many exciting events this academic year! Free and open to Harvard students, faculty, staff, and their guests.

Further lectures and events will be announced shortly! Stay tuned!

HNES is always willing to give you a forum to give an academic talk; if you have an idea for something you'd like to do, please email Amanda Lanham at alanham@fas.harvard.edu...

Here are some HNES events, presenters, and topics from 2006-2008:

Adam Aja, "Out of the Dirt & into Your Textbook: Philistine Archaeology 101. Text, Tools & Temples"
Guner Coskunsu and Prof. Ofer Bar-Yosef, Department of Anthropology, "Mezraa Teleilat: A Neolithic Village on the Euphrates"
Guner Coskunsu, "The Transition from Pre-Pottery Neolithic to Pottery Neolithic in the Levant"
Dr. John Curtis, "The British Museum: The Current State of Cultural Heritage in Iraq, 2003-2008"
W.G. Dever: "Archaeology in Israel Today: The State of the Art"
A. Finkelstein & Eugene McGarry, "Ethnic Identity on the Periphery of Ancient Israel: Case Studies"
Bahman Ghahremani and Professor Andrea Seri: "Ancient Mesopotamia and its modern nationalist uses"
Jim Jumper, "The Thematic Redaction of Samuel-Kings"
Professor Moawiyah Ibrahim: "Excavations at Sahab (Southeast of Amman, Jordan)"
Nicola Carpentieri: "Ascetic poetry in the diwan of the Sicilian Arab poet Ibn Hamdis"
Yuhan Vevaina: "Ritual Speculation and Eschatology in Zoroastrianism"
Dan Sheffield: "The Sources and Reception of the Zarâtusht-nâma: A Study in Continuity and Change"
David Brophy: "The wangs of Xinjiang: The Origins of Qing China's Islamic Aristocracy"
Stine Rossel, "Beasts of Burden at the Dawn of History: Early Dynastic Royal Donkey Skeletons at Abydos, Upper Egypt"
Stine Rossel, "The Development of Specialised Economics in the Nile Valley: reconstructing animal practice at South Abydos and el-Mah"
Christine Thomas & Xiaoli Ouyang, "Prospography, Politics and Gender"
Rian Thum: "Siyawush in Khotan Today"
Dr. Joshua Wright: "Unseen by Eye, Unheard by Ear"--The Archaeology of the Early Turk
Dr. Miriam Belmaker: ""The Mice that Mar Your Land"--Rodents and Humans in the Levant"
Special Event: Women in the Field: Gender and Research in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East
Zhang Zhan: "The Newly Discovered Judeo-Persian Letter: Discovery, Date, and Provenance"; Bryan Averbuch: " The Historical Context of the Letter"