Harvard Program in International Education


Who we are:

The Harvard Program for International Education (HPIE) is a student-run organization at Harvard College. HPIE is a public service program run and staffed by Harvard undergraduates passionate about international relations. HPIE seeks to promote international awareness and education in today's youth. We teach weekly about contemporary world affairs in Boston-area high schools. Using engaging curricula and thought-provoking teaching techniques, we strive not only to foster an interest in international affairs but also to equip students with the tools to assess current international situations for themselves. Ultimately, we endeavor to prepare our students to be informed, active citizens in global affairs.


What we do:

HPIE sends pairs of Harvard undergraduates to tutor in Boston-area high schools. Our tutors teach from a standardized curriculum that we develop ourselves and distribute to students. Our tutors go through the curriculum, which incorporates useful skills students can use in their other studies, over the course of 8 lessons (one class period per week). This year's curriculum will cover topics in immigration in the fall semester and topics about nation-building in the spring semester, each culminating in a half-day conference that brings all of our students together for an exciting day at the Harvard campus. This event, called Harvard Day, involves activities, speakers, and other engaging events designed to allow students to demonstrate what they have learned as well as finish each semester energized about international affairs.


f a c t s • at • a • glance

• HPIE is a public service program for Boston area high schools that aims
to raise awareness of international relations and current events.

• HPIE has taught in a variety of schools across the Boston area and can be
adjusted to meet the needs of a diverse range of classrooms.

• Each semester’s curriculum is based on one theme subdivided into eight
briefs each of which pertains to a particular aspect of that theme.

• Each week, two Harvard undergraduates, called “tutors” teach the class a
customized lesson plan.

• At the end of each semester, all classes are invited to attend Harvard Day,
a conference and day of activities on the Harvard campus . This event is
centered around a simulation of an international crisis pertaining to the
semester theme that students work to resolve using knowledge and skills
they've gained throughout the semester.

• HPIE is staffed entirely by committed Harvard undergraduates who write
the curriculum over the course of the year and teach the weekly classes.

• Tutors are trained through the program and with guidance from the
Harvard University Graduate School of Education and the Undergraduate
Teacher’s Education Program.

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