PDF Issues

Volume XVII - Fall 2010

Is Logic A Priori?

Article by Otávio Bueno

Wittgenstein and Intentionality

Article by Tim Crane

Aesthetic Experience as the Transformation of Pleasure

Article by Damien Freeman

On Philosophy of Mathematics: Interview with Charles Parsons

Interview with Charles Parsons

Persuasive Authority in the Law

Article by Grant Lamond

Autonomy and Its Burdens

Article by John McDowell

How to Get Leverage on a Concept

Article by Cheryl Misak

Of Fish and Men: Species Difference and the Strangeness of Being Human in Zhuangzi

Article by Franklin Perkins

Sweet Dissonance: Conflict, Consensus, and the Rule of Law

Article by Gerald J. Postema

Volume XVI - Fall 2009

Metaphilosophical Reflections on the Idea of Metaphysics

Article by Robert Brandom

A Wittgensteinian Anti-Platonism

Article by Michael N. Forster

The Second-Person Standpoint: Interview with Stephen Darwall

Interview with Stephen Darwall

Mozart's Skull: Looking for Genius (in All the Wrong Places)

Article by Peter Kivy

Facing the Animal You See in the Mirror

Article by Christine M. Korsgaard

The Value of Knowledge

Article by Duncan Pritchard

Rethinking Levinas On Heidegger on Death

Article by Iain Thomson

The Cunning of Reason: Lacan as a Reader of Hegel

Article by Slavoj Žižek

Volume XI - Spring 2003

John Rawls

Remembrance by Christine M. Korsgaard  

John Rawls

Remembrance by Ronald Dworkin

What Does the Wittgensteinian Inexpressible Express?

Article by Jaakko Hintikka

Existential Phenomenology and the Brave New World of The Matrix

Article by Hubert Dreyfus

The Grammar of Goodness

Interview with Philippa Foot

The Deep and Suggestive Principles of Leibnizian Philosophy

Article by Julian Barbour

Mysteries of Self-Locating Belief and Anthropic Reasoning

Article by Nick Bostrom

The Incoherence of Christian Theism

Article by Edwin Curley

Probability, Practical Reasoning, and Conditional Statements of Intent

Article by Dale Jacquette

Stanley Cavell's Must We Mean What We Say? (New Edition, 2003)

Book Review by Anthony Coleman

Volume IX - Spring 2001

On Hilary Putnam's Farewell Lecture

Letter to the Editor by John Searle and Hilary Putnam  

Wittgenstein: Concepts or Conceptions?

Article by Gordon Baker

Saying and Showing and the Continuity of Wittgenstein's Thought

Article by Marie McGinn

Heidegger, Wittgenstein, and Skepticism

Article by Edward Minar

Science and the Possibility of Philosophy

Interview with Peter Unger

Philosophy Between Naturalism and Humanism

Article by Frederick Olafson

Kant's Deconstruction of the Principle of Sufficient Reason

Article by Beatrice Longuenesse

On Wanting to Say, "All We Need Is a Paradigm"

Article by Rupert Read

W.V. Quine Remembered

Remembrance by Dagfinn Follesdal

Volume VIII - Spring 2000

To Think With Integrity

Farewell Lecture by Hilary Putnam  

Human Nature and the Character of Economic Science

Article by Israel M. Kirzner

On the Philosophical Life

Interview with Alexander Nehamas

Kant's Puzzling Ethics of Maxims

Article by Jens Timmermann

Rethinking Progress

Article by Marc Schattenmann

What Time Is It on the Sun?

Interview with Cora Diamond

The Manual of Domninus

Article by Peter Brown

Philosophical Fiction

Interview with Tom Wolfe

Volume VII - Spring 1999

Mirror and Oneiric Mirages: Plato, Precursor of Freud

Article by Sarah Kofman  

Why Study the History of Philosophy?

Article by Gisela Striker

Reflections on a Life of Philosophy

Interview with Stanley Cavell

The Geology of Norway

Poetry by Jan Zwicky

The Foundation of Quantum Mechanics in the Philosophy of Nature

Article by Grete Hermann

Philosophical Faith in Action

Interview with Cornel West

Frege's Theorem: An Introduction

Article by Richard Heck Jr.

Volume VI - Spring 1996

The Relativity of Fact and the Objectivity of Value

Article by Catherine Elgin

Undocumented Persons and the Liberal State

Article by John SW Park

Personal and Professional

Interview with Henry Allison

On (and Beyond) Love Gone Wrong

Article by Stephen A. Erickson

The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever

Article by George Boolos

On Republicanism and Liberalism

Interview with Michael Sandel

Poststructuralism and the Inescapability of Ethics

Article by Jedediah Purdy

Husserl, With and Against Frege

Article by Francois Rivenc

Volume V - Spring 1995

Rousseau and the Modern Cult of Sincerity

Article by Arthur Melzer  

A Psychological View of Moral Intuition

Article by Jonathan Baron

Text of Texts

Article by Luciano Berio

A New Interpretation of Plato's Socratic Dialogues

Article by Charles H. Kahn

The Metaphysics of Ordinary Experience

Article by Stanley H. Rosen

Toward a Post-Metaphysical Culture

Interview with Richard Rorty

A Propos de "A New French Thought"

Book Review by Stephanie Janet

Current Tendencies in French and German Thought

Book Review by Chong-Min Hong

Volume III - Spring 1993

Against the Cynical Interpretation of History

Article by Sir Karl Popper  

On Semiotics and Pragmatism

Interview with Umberto Eco

The Question of Conservatism

Interview with Harvey C. Mansfield Jr.

Bentham's Philosophical Politics

Article by James E. Crimmins

Towards a Modification of the No-New-Threat Principle

Article by Matthew Matasar

On Richard Rorty's Ethical Anti-Foundationalism

Article by Jon Levisohn

American Intellectuals: The Love-Hate Relationship with les Penseurs Francais

Book Review by Didier Eribon

Volume II - Spring 1992

What is Postmodernism?

Article by Eva T.H. Brann  

Postmodernism as Modernism

Article by Denis Corish

Substance and System: Perplexities of the Geometric Order

Article by Margaret D. Wilson

Machiavelli, Violence, and History

Article by Adam Minter

Identity Criteria for Properties

Article by Roderick M. Chisholm

On Mind, Meaning, and Reality

Interview with Hilary Putnam

The Space of Love and Garbage

Article by Stephen Erickson

Toward a Consistent View of Abortion and Unwanted Pregnancy

Article by Courtney Williams

Volume I - Spring 1991

Why Does the Universe Exist

Article by Derek Parfit

Between Man and Nature

Article by Hubert L. Dreyfus

Heidegger: Between Idealism and Realism

Article by Lambert V. Stepanich

Reassessing Sartre

Article by Sissela Bok

Whitehead and Japanese Aesthetics

Article by Arlene M. Mayada

For the Record

Interview with John Rawls

The Dream of Captain Carib

Article by Jonathan Farley