We are a group of student volunteers who are devoted to helping shelter guests exit the homeless status. We assist in housing applications, food stamps, immigration information, identification cards, healthcare, eye-care, listening and support, public benefits and other resources that will serve our clients in the best manner possible.

To learn more about resources, please contact us.

DocumentationMassachusetts ID and Liquor ID
Birth or Death Certificate and Marriage Certificate
Driver’s License
Social Security Number
Drop In Centers and EducationDrop In Centers
Adult Education


EmploymentResources for Job Search
Online Job Search
Resume Tips
Cover Letter Tips
Interview Tips
How to Get Clothing for Interview
Sample Resume Format
Food ResourcesFree Community Meals
Food Stamps
Nutrition Tips and Information


Free ClinicsGeneral Healthcare
Services for Women
Services for Youth
Services for the Elderly
Eye exams and Eyeglasses
Dental Care
Addiction Services
Mental Health Care
HousingEmergency Shelters
Transitional Shelters
Low-income Housing
Housing Services


MassHealthWho is eligible for MassHealth?
How do I apply?
How long does it take to obtain MassHealth?



Directory of Resources for People Homeless in Cambridge

Cambridge houses a diverse array of services designed to help prevent homelessness or to serve individuals or families who have become homeless. The following overview is offered to help steer the reader to the most appropriate service. To consult the Directory, please click on the link below.

Directory of Resources for People Homeless in Cambridge



Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
66 Winthrop Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


We are open from the evening of November 1st to the morning of April 15th. The shelter is open from 7PM to 8AM, except on Saturday mornings when it is open until 9AM.

To enter the bed lottery, call toll-free at 1-888-285-4038 between 7:30AM and 8AM.