Thanks to everyone for coming to the hunt, and congratulations to Team Danger Zone! Please send us comments about individual puzzles or the hunt as a whole.


On your tour of the Keebler Cookie Factory, you discover that the elves' cookie machine is broken! It's making fried onion rings, turkey with cranberry sauce, wicker picnic baskets, leather jackets... anything but cookies! Who knows what it'll turn out next! It's up to you find the ingredients, figure out how the machine works, and, eventually, fix it.


Ingredients and parts of the machine take the form of puzzles. Each puzzle has an answer that's a single word or a short phrase. For example, BUTTERSCOTCH or HOLLOW TREE might be answers to puzzles, but LAUNCHING AN ELEPHANT FROM A TOWER IS A REMARKABLY EFFICIENT WAY TO MAKE PEANUT BUTTER would not be. Whenever you think that you have found the answer to a puzzle, you'll naturally want to check it. Some puzzles will allow you to check the answer automatically; for others, you'll request a call from HQ, and we'll tell you whether the answer is correct.


Solving some puzzles will unlock other puzzles. You'll eventually use the answers to all of these puzzles to solve a meta-puzzle, which is a puzzle that uses the answers from the puzzles that came before it. You might not need the answers to all of the previous puzzles to solve the meta-puzzle, but the more answers you have, the easier it will be.

If you're puzzled about the puzzles, see the Advice section.

Other Notes

The primary purpose of this hunt is, of course, to have fun! So if you're ever feeling discouraged, please let us know, and we'll do what we can to get you back on track.

In solving this hunt, feel free to use any resources such as friends, books, the Internet, etc. Most anything is game, short of spying on other teams, stealing answers from headquarters, or other such forms of cheating. If you're ever in doubt about what is legal, please ask.

To solve the hunt you will not be asked to do anything illegal or unsafe. If you are concerned about anything you think a puzzle is asking you to do, please talk to us.

Happy hunting!