The 2007 Hunt is complete - congratulations to team Launching an Elephant From a Tower Is a Remarkably Efficient Way To Make Peanut Butter! Thanks to all participants - we hope you enjoyed the hunt!

We're always interested in feedback - so whether you solved at the event or online, we'd love to hear from you! Please send comments to about any aspect of the hunt.


Welcome to the 2007 Harvard Puzzle Hunt! This year's hunt finds you investigating the disappearance of Cody Pumbleton, chief programmer for Fantasy Games Overloaded, a text adventure maker. The only clue to his disappearance is his latest project, "The Search for the Crystal Prince." Beat the game, find the prince, and maybe you'll find him too.


In various places in the labyrinth you'll find URLs which will lead to puzzles on this website. In standard puzzle hunt fashion, answers will take the form of short phrases. So, "BASILISK" or "MAGIC WAND" might be an answer, but "HELP, HELP, I'M TRAPPED IN THE LABYRINTH" would not. Puzzles may also yield instructions, such as "CAPTURE A UNICORN," in which case you should follow the instructions and call HQ to show off your work and receive the answer.

Finding the answers to the puzzles will help you progress through the text adventure. The puzzles are divided into two rounds; it should be clear to you which puzzles make up each round, as well as what to do with the answers from Round 1. Each answer from Round 2 is a clue for what to do in some part of the labyrinth to get a special item. When you have enough of these items, you'll be able to defeat the dragon and win. Most, but not all, Round 2 answers will correspond to exactly one room of the labyrinth.

You'll be able to confirm answers to Round 1 puzzles yourself. When you've solved a Round 2 puzzle, please call it in to the phone number we give you for answer checking.

The answers from each round can be put together to find another answer. You won't need to combine answers from different rounds, but you may need other observations from the labyrinth. You don't need to finish all of the puzzles to get these meta-answers, but the more you have, the easier it will be. In addition to the Round 2 quest items, you'll need to use both meta-answers to win the game.

If you're puzzled about the puzzles, see the Advice section. Also, if you've never played a text adventure before, you might want to look at the informational poster in the first room of the labyrinth.

Other Notes

The primary purpose of this hunt is, of course, to have fun. So if you're ever feeling discouraged, please let us know, and we'll do what we can to get you back on track.

In solving this hunt, feel free to use any resources such as friends, books, the Internet, etc. Most anything is game, short of spying on other teams, stealing answers from headquarters, or other such forms of cheating. If you're ever in doubt about what is legal, please ask.

A special note about the text adventure: Please feel free to use any client you like, but if it has any special features that allow you to debug or otherwise investigate the game in ways you normally couldn't, including automatically trying variations on an action, please don't use them. Likewise, we are aware that it is possible to decompile the Z-code file, but please don't.

To solve the hunt you will not be asked to do anything illegal or unsafe. If you are concerned about anything you think a puzzle is asking you to do, please talk to us.

Happy hunting!