Congratulations to Help, Help, I'm Trapped in the Labyrinth!, and many thanks to everyone who came. We would love any feedback you have, whether you solved at the event or online; please send comments to See you next year!

Welcome to the 2008 Harvard Puzzle Hunt!

The Hunt

This year's hunt consists of two rounds of eight puzzles each. The first round is available immediately, and the second will be released over the course of the day. The answers from these puzzles come together to help you solve a larger "metapuzzle". You may not need all sixteen answers, but the more you have the easier the metapuzzle will be. Solve the metapuzzle, let headquarters know, and who knows what adventures may await you...

In standard puzzle hunt fashion, answers will take the form of words or short phrases. So, "SNOW LEOPARD" or "DUST" might be an answer, but "HELP, HELP, I'M BEING ATTACKED BY ARMORED BEARS" would not. Puzzles may also yield instructions, such as "BRING US OUR ARMOR," in which case you should follow the instructions and call HQ to show off your work and receive the answer.

When you've solved a puzzle, call the phone number we have given you to check your answer. Please do this even if you're completely sure of your answer so that we can keep track of your progress.

If you're puzzled about the puzzles, we've compiled some solving suggestions in the Advice section.

Other Notes

The primary purpose of this hunt is, of course, to have fun. So if you're ever feeling discouraged, please let us know, and we'll do what we can to get you back on track.

In solving this hunt, feel free to use any resources such as friends, books, the Internet, etc. Most anything is game, short of spying on other teams, stealing answers from headquarters, or other such forms of cheating. If you're ever in doubt about what is legal, please ask.

To solve the hunt you will not be asked to do anything illegal or unsafe. If you are concerned about anything you think a puzzle is asking you to do, please talk to us.

Happy hunting!