Thanks to everyone who came to the 2010 hunt! Congratulations to the winners, HRSFA's Rapid Solving and Fixing Algorithm, as well as to A Random Guess, who finished the runaround less than half a minute later in our closest finish ever.

Welcome, brave adventurers! We have brought you here to the Temple of the Ancients, located at the heart of the Grove of the Ancients in Shmyrule Field. It is said that long ago at this very spot Shmyrule's Seven Families sealed the evil Bananondorf in the magic Freezer of the Ages, and then hid the Freezer away for the safety of all. Unfortunately, we now have evidence that Bananondorf is breaking free of the Freezer! He has already begun to corrupt the food pyramid with his dark powers, and we fear to think of what he might do if he escapes.

Fortunately, the Ancients left us with an artifact of great power which we can use to confront Bananondorf. Behold the Ocarina of Lime! The Ancients left clues as to the proper use of the Ocarina hidden deep within fortresses around the land. Over the years we have managed to collect all of these clues, but so far we have not been able to decipher them. We also know that each clue was to be combined with one of the Ancient Families' crests, which you can see here on the walls of the Temple. However, the walls have been worn by time, and we can no longer determine which clue is associated with which crest.

It is said in the ancient scrolls that only those who learn to use the Ocarina of Lime will be able to open the Freezer and defeat Bananondorf. Knowing this, the Ancients hid away the Freezer in such a way that it could only be revealed by those who were studying the mysteries of the Ocarina. In the course of those studies, it is said, you will discover the Word of Understanding, which you can speak aloud here in the Grove to reveal the Freezer.

Lastly, we have been discovering additional mysterious documents around the Grove. We believe these are connected to the opening of the Freezer, but their true meaning will only become clear when someone speaks the Word.

The Hunt

This year's hunt consists of two rounds. In the first round, you will learn how to use the Ocarina of Lime, and also discover the Word of Understanding which you can use to reveal the Freezer of the Ages. In the second round, you will use the knowledge of the Ocarina you obtained in Round One to open the Freezer. You may receive puzzles from the second round before you have revealed the Freezer, but you will need to solve both rounds to complete the hunt.

In standard puzzle hunt fashion, each puzzle will produce a word or short phrase. Thus, "EPONA" or "MASTER SWORD" might be an answer, but "HELP, HELP, SOMEONE TOLD ME WHO SHEIK IS AND NOW I'M SPOILED" would not. Puzzles may also yield instructions, such as "DO YOUR BEST PRINCESS ZELDA IMPRESSION", in which case you should call HQ to set up an appointment to show off your work.

Other Notes

We've compiled some hints for new solvers in the Advice section.

The primary purpose of this hunt is, of course, to have fun. So if you're ever feeling discouraged, please let us know, and we'll do what we can to get you back on track.

In solving this hunt, feel free to use any and all resources; the Internet will be necessary, and far-flung friends are encouraged to join in. Most anything is game other than obvious cheating such as spying on other teams or stealing answers from headquarters. If you're ever in doubt about what is legal, please ask. In addition, you will not be asked to do anything illegal, unsafe, or expensive. If you are concerned about anything a puzzle may be asking you to do, please talk to us.

Happy hunting!

Other Items of Interest

Our opening skit.

The runaround, which featured a member of Headquarters playing the ever-helpful Navi.

The headquarters answer log and final hunt status (warning: both files contain puzzle answers).