igp in London!

igp just returned from its first-ever international show! We performed at the Pembroke Pub near Camden Town in London. We would like to extend our eternal gratitude to member Jess Napier and her mom for their planning and guidance throughout the trip. Some highlights included:

1. Green Wing
2. Alan Ford at our show
3. An emotionally needy Domino
4. Speedy Car Rides
5. Minding the Gap & Oyster Cards
6. the Marathon fish and chips
7. Fruit Squash
8. Andy Warhol
9. Blowers
10. Chalk Farm’s 53 Steps
11. Italian-American Restaurants in Trafalger Square
12. Canadian Improv teachers
13. The Hawley Arms
14. Slovenians

Some lowlights included:

1. the weak American Dollar
2. the Gatwick airport
3. Kevin’s sickness
4. The Tube sans Oyster Card

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One Response to igp in London!

  1. igp says:

    Domino is a cat. just so y’all know.

    another highlight: a crack in the foundations of modernity

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