Ezra Stoller ’15 ’s favorite color is beige.

Jake Silberg ’15 (The Czar of IGP) tells people that he wants to impress that he’s from New York. In most cases, it’s not true. He keeps himself entertained by singing under his breath, has one dance move, and drinks out of the side of his mouth. He is currently working up the courage to ask IGP to the Freshman Formal.

Libby Coleman ’15
I’m Libby, HI!
I’m crazy, I’m out there, and I love to have fun.

Aaron Henricks ’16 of House Henricks is the firstborn son and true heir of Ser Bret Henricks. To seek truth, lively jest, and plump maidens, he traveled from Florida to the Northlands in his 19th year, where he pledged fealty to the Lords of IGP. In the Battle of Two Hills, his sword made little to no difference in deciding the victor.

Nicky Hirschhorn ’16 is lactose intolerant but refuses to let that define her.

Adam Wong ’17 usually types 60 words per minute. Take a minute to think about that. Adam has now already typed 60 MORE WORDS.

Gwen Thomas ’17 is a great treat to share with family and friends, enemies, or a creepy neighbor. First, pre-heat your optimism to 100 degrees. Dice your words until only the first syllable is left. Combine too-long-sweater-sleeves and a dislike of pants. Baste heavily in sarcasm and cook until it’s an inappropriate time to a make a joke. Then serve immediately. With lots of sprinkles on top.

Karen Chee ’17 is from the same hometown as Ari Brenner, has the same birthday as Alex McCue, and hiccups at the same rate as Andy Boyd. She’s going to have to change this bio next year when they all graduate.

Grant Hoechst ’18 is impossible to define in a word. Is he…charming? Mm, perhaps. Multi-talented? Also a possibility. Charismatic? Obfuscatory? Dry-clean-only? Hm, yes, all these are true. And yet no single word encompasses all that he is, all that he has ever been, or everything he shall be. He is Grant.

Kira Brenner ’18 is from the Bay Area and naturally has no problem keeping it real.

Mike Skerrett ’18 is honored to have this opportunity to write in the third person. Hailing from the great city of Boston, he loves comedy and writing and when people stand right next to him and just then seem to notice how tall he is. Just… promise you won’t fall in love with him.

Don’t let Will Deuschle ’18 and his smiling face fool you.

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