Harvard College Law Society

The Harvard College Law Society is a student-run organization at Harvard College that is dedicated to providing Harvard College undergraduates with an opportunity to learn about the field of law and the career options it provides. The society will seek to promote greater awareness and understanding of these opportunities within the field of law by appropriate means such as publications, meetings, seminars, and other educational events. By working with other law-related student organizations on campus, we hope to establish a support infrastructure for pre-law students at Harvard College.

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Our club is focused on maintaining a democratic and horizontal structure. With a small executive board whose responsibility it is to organize and manage, seven committees act independently (led by a committee chair) to accomplish various goals for the pre-law community at Harvard.

Whether you just want to hear about the events or want to participate in a committee, please browse our website for information. To become a member you must participate on at least one committee; elections are held annually to determine the leadership of the organization. You can browse the committees on the Committees page to see what you would be interested in doing. We always encourage our members to develop new committee ideas or to start new projects!

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