We’ve moved!

Check out our new website at http://harvardlowkeys.com/ for information about auditions and the latest on the Keys!

Prefrosh Welcome!

So glad to welcome the class of 2016!  Make sure to stop by the SOCH in the quad to watch us perform.  The A Capella Jam starts at 7:30 pm and the LowKeys go on at 8:55 pm.  Hope to see everyone there!

Spring Jam!!

Our Spring Jam with the Opportunes is Saturday April 7th at 7:30.  Tickets are $8 for students and $12 for General Admission. Contact your favorite LowKey to get tickets, and we hope to see you there!

Audition for the Keyz!

Hey, you.

Do you love to sing on stage, with your friends, or even just alone in the shower?

Would you like to perform all around Boston and tour during J-term while others are left shivering?

Does music permeate your mind and soul?

Of course it does. That’s why you should AUDITION for

The Harvard LowKeys

Co-ed a cappella at its finest

Saturday, February 4th 3:00-5:00: New College Theater, Room 203

Sunday, February 5th 2:00-5:00: New College Theater, Studio

(The NCT lies in wait on Holyoke St. next to Apley Court)

It’s as simple as pie, and as easy as cake. All we ask is that you prepare a fraction of a song (just a verse and chorus) to perform for us! We’ll lead you through some basic vocal exercises, and you’ll be out the door in no more than 10 minutes.

It’s simple AND exciting. Don’t be nervous—you’ll never find such a low-stress environment. And remember…

No previous experience is necessary!

You’re curious by now. So check us out on Facebook, and listen to our music and watch our videos on our website!

What the hey, you can even follow us on twitter.

Questions? It’d make our day to answer them. lowkeys@hcs.harvard.edu

Gotta Get Down on Friday

Check out our Parody of the Song Friday by Rebecca Black!  It should be good for a few laughs!  Also check out our Youtube Channel to watch more videos from our fall 2011 concert.

Acapocalypse Now!!

Make sure to attend our Fall Jam this Saturday the 12th in Sanders theater! The Harvard LowKeys are the Fallen Angels have a ton of great music to perform for you. The concert starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and $8 for Harvard Students. Purchase a ticket either from your favorite LowKey or from the Harvard Box Office. Hope to see ya’ll there!

Happy Birthday Harvard!!

The Harvard LowKeys will be performing outside Sever Hall at 6:30 tonight!  No better way to celebrate the 375th birthday of Harvard!


Congrats to our latest RooKeys!! We are so excited and proud to have you all!

Meghan Magee ’15

Devin Valenciano ’15

Annie Arrighi-Allisan ’15

Welcome to the family! :D

Audition for the LowKeys!!

Hey Ya’ll! Thanks to everyone who came to Friday’s prelims.  We still have two more days left!

Saturday, September 10th  2:00-5:00: Loker 016


Sunday, September 11th 2:00-5:00: Adams LCR

Hope to see you there!!

See the Keys Perform!

Come check out the LowKeys at the Freshman A Capella Jam.  The jam begins at 8 p.m. on Saturday the 3rd.  We are the first group to perform.  Make sure you get there early!