Nap Space Project

Nap Map

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Annenberg Basement: When we say Annenberg, we mean the basement! If you're looking for a place to lie down in, you might get lucky as there are multiple rooms down in the basement for people's use. The problem is that many people study down here so open rooms aren't always available. If that doesn't work out, there are the tables outside of the Queen's Head Pub that line the hallway. There are always open tables waiting to be napped on.

Boylston Mezzanine: The Boylston Mezzanine is usually empty during the day. It is set up like a lounge, and people often sneak naps there.

Cabot Science Library: Great place to nap if you don't mind napping while sitting (perhaps with your head on a desk)! If you walk straight for about 20 feet and you look to your right, you'll find a cozy spot in-between two bookcases where there are small single person sofas that can be used to nap on! If that spot is not open, you can always pick one of the personal desks and take a snooze.

Dudley House: The yellow house between Grays and Mathews houses the grad student's dining hall, library, and common spaces. There is a graduate student lounge on the 2nd floor that is usually empty and full full of loveseats. The 3rd floor has a recreation room with a pool table, ping pong table, and, more importantly, couches. The 3rd floor is also usually empty in the afternoons.

Harvard Yard: Ah, Harvard Yard. A great place to nap when the weather gets warmer, especially when the chairs are put out. But even if they're not out yet, it's a great opportunity to embrace the weather and lie down in the grass, maybe beneath a tree!

Lamont Library: Lamont. What's more to say? Well there are plenty of desks in here to nap on. But watch out! If you know you snore and you're in the quiet areas of the library, this might not be ideal. While this spot is marked as a yellow, plenty of people decide to nap on the floor as well, but usually that's done unwillingly.

Nap Room in Langdell Hall, Harvard Law School Library: Located past the west side of the reading room on the fourth floor of Langdell Hall is the “nap room” that connects Langdell and the Lewis International Law Center. The room has giant bean bag chairs that students like to use between classes to relax or sleep.

Northwest Building: This spot is great. The basement is where it's at. While it is a bit of a trek to get out here, those red couches in the basement make it all worth it. If you have the time, definitely pay this building a visit. But seeming as you're looking for nap spaces in the yard in order to save you time, maybe save this spot for if you have a class in this area. Nevertheless, the couches are great!

Queer Resource Center: Located in the basement of Thayer. Open from 11am - 5pm. Can be reserved. Has two couches

Science Center: The Science Center is a tricky one! If you wander the upper levels of this building, it's possible to find unused classrooms to lie down in. But beware, the floors are hard. If you have a soft sweatshirt or jacket, the experience may be more satisfying. There are also a number of desks on the 2nd floor if you walk up the stairs to get there or take a left out of the elevator. These can serve as good nap spots as well if you're in a rush.

Second floor of the Yenching Institute: nice and quiet

Women's Center: located in the basement of Canaday. Two couches and stack of cushions.