Datamatch 2011 Reflections

Dear HCS,

Datamatch 2011 was an astounding success. This year, Datamatch had 878 males and 1382 females participating. In case you don't have a slide rule handy, this works out to a total of 2260 participants, making this the most successful Datamatch in memory. Good work, Harvard!

Here are some fun/interesting stats from the answers that we saw this year:
1) For Question 16 ("Your love life in 2010"), both members of ~18% of the couples who took the survey answered "Just the Way You Are." The most popular combination of answers (~22%), however, was "I Just Had Sex" and "Just the Way You Are." In the majority of these couples (~70%), the males answered "I Just Had Sex." Surprise, surprise.
2) It gets even better: when the bed intruder comes, 29% of the men (versus 15% of the women) said that they would "Hide their browser history." More than half of the women (51%) simply hide.
3) When asked which Harvard Department best describes their love life, the plurality of women (~42%) answered "Special Concentrations: I make the Rules."
4) 28% of the women who took the survey said that they could best relate to Christy of scarf-burning fame from the Social Network. A little scary.
5) Nearly half the women (47%) thought that the most enticing proposition was "Baby, Baby, Oh Oh." Gentlemen, it's officially time to get your Bieber on.
6) In general, people agreed that:
- "Swindling investors out of $20 billion" would be a deal breaker in a relationship.
- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt constitue the ideal date.
- jeans and T-shirts are good date attire.
- wine is a good first-date drink.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this year's edition of Datamatch. HCS members new and old dedicated time and energy to writing questions, publicizing datamatch, and ensuring that matches were sent out. This would not have possible without all your contributions.