Datamatch 2015 Summary

Thanks to everybody who signed up for Datamatch in 2015! We had a RECORD 3859 people sign in, with a still record 3553 submitting the survey. 1149 people signed up for waffle dates with their matches at our partner Zinnekin's, and 180 of those people were lucky enough to have their match sign up as well! In years to come, hopefully Datamatch will be responsible for even more happy couples

Some eclectic stats:
2014 females, 1845 males signed up
996 freshmen, 1083 sophomores, 896 juniors, 797 seniors, 35 grad students, and 52 alumni signed up
2041 were seeking male, 1642 were seeking female, and 176 were seeking both

And one last fun stat:
To question #11 ("The John Harvard Statue is also called "the statue of three lies." Among those lies is..."), exactly 200 people who live in either Pfoho, the Cabot, or Currier chose:
(C) Living in the Quad isn't so bad.