HCS Fall Programs

Hope that you are enjoying those last few days of summer before the new calendar pulls us back to campus. This fall, HCS is planning on launching the following two programs. In order to make them a success, we are looking for *your* help. Yes, that's right. You. So do read on.

== HCS Seminars ==

Larry Wall. Paul Graham. Angelina Jolie. These are just a few of giants that HCS has invited to speak at Harvard in the past. (Ok, I may have been lying about that last one.) HCS has been good lately about bringing in famous outsiders to lend us bits of their wisdom (pun intended). However, we have been less good about tapping an even more immediate source of knowledge: you! And that's about to change.

This semester, HCS would like to resume its highly acclaimed seminar series. The model would be a (weekly|bi-weekly|monthly) hour-long talk on a tech-related topic of your choice, with a target audience of your choice (although we will explicitly advertise the seminar program around campus as being open to everyone). If you be interested in
giving a seminar, please let me know by emailing me at brockman@hcs. The commitment on your part would be minimal (you just have to prepare a talk), times would be flexible, and you don't have to be an active HCS member to participate. Topics can be anything, technical or not. As inspiration, here are some sample topics (culled from the top of my
head, apologies if they are lame):

- Turbo Development on Rails
- Computing digits of pi
- Why anything Microsoft is a terrible idea
- Linux for Dummies
- 11 EC 21 12 3B 49 5A D7 62 E5 F6 7C 25 C4 34 D7. Now pay me my royalties.

== HCS Big Sibs program ==

The board of HCS is proud to announce the launch of an ambitious new program. It's bigger than tax cuts for the rich, more sensational than giving stimulus money to CEOs, and more influential than Perl 6. Provisionally entitled HCS Big Sibs, the program will match new members of the Society to current members. Similar programs exist in
other Harvard organizations, and they seem to work well enough that it's worth making our own implementation. The way it will work:

- Current members express willingness to participate in the program, as well as an area of expertise or interest (e.g. system, web).
- New member comes to the organization and indicates level of experience and area of interest, if any.
- New member is assigned to Big Sib. The Big Sib's responsibility then becomes to get to know the new member, explain the workings of HCS, and closely supervise or collaborate on a project with new member.

This program is intended to ease the transition into the Society. It's often difficult for new people to get started, even if they have prior experience (and especially if they don't). We'd like to launch this program early in the fall. If you'd like in,
please send me an email, indicating if you consider yourself a new member or a current member and indicating your area of expertise and/or interest (or None, as appropriate).

Thanks a lot, and I hope that together, we can make these programs flourish.

Greg Brockman
Membership Coordinator
Harvard Computer Society