Migration and Its Impact on Users

You've heard a lot about HCS's Great Migration, perhaps even witnessed a few of the effects yourself.
Now that it's done (except...oh, nothing too important), though, what's really changed? Why did HCS spend $25K (not counting the late-night pizzas), a year of labor, countless stress-filled and adrenaline-packed volunteer hours to make it happen? Well, below is a short summary of the major differences between the old and new systems, as well as the impact it will have on you. The biggest difference now, however, is that you can now determine to a much higher degree the role that HCS will play in your life. Our new systems give us the capability to support far more and far wider-ranging projects that Harvard students may choose to undertake, whether it be for running simulations for a research project, or developing models for a thesis. The migrated HCS is here for you!

The Changes and What They Mean for You

Speed: We now have two main machines each with 2 quad-core processors, resulting in over 10x more raw processing power

  • The student organizations' websites will run much faster
  • We are better able to handle load spikes
  • Mail going through our lists will be delivered much more quickly

Storage: We now have a 24-terabyte file server, with 14 usable terabytes, versus 500 gigabytes prior to migration

  • We have increased each user's starting quota to 2 GB
  • We are well prepared to handle our users' storage needs

Increased robustness: We now have redundant web, MySQL, mail, and
login servers

  • If anything breaks, now chances are, you won't notice!

If you have a question or simply want to learn more about what new resources are available, please shoot us an email at acctserv [at] hcs.harvard.edu!