New vhosts tool released

The vhosts tool allows you to add your own virtual hosts, or vhosts. These are domains of the form '' or '' which you want served off of HCS's servers. From your end, you need to set your domains to be CNAMEs for (Note: do not change the nameservers; HCS does not run any name servers.)

A typical vhost entry looks like:


DocumentRoot /home/people/brockman/vhosts/
SuexecUserGroup brockman people

ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/gregbrockman.com_error.log
CustomLog /var/log/apache2/gregbrockman_access.log combined
Include /etc/apache2/hcs-conf.d/directories.conf

This means that all of the domains,, and will map to the folder /home/people/brockman/vhosts/ Note that the vhosts tool allows you to put the DocumentRoot anywhere within your home directory and set arbitrary Servernames and ServerAliases.

All configuration is pulled on an hourly basis, so changes you make will be marked as "pending" until then, at which point they will become "active."

Read our new tutorial on how to take advantage of this new tool.