A Future of Computer Science (Tue, Dec 1, 2009)

Don't let your minds be consumed by thoughts of the near term as finals approach! Come to the last Harvard Computer Society seminar of the semester and shift gears by hearing about the bigger picture. Our speaker will talk about impending developments ranging from the fusion of computer science with new fields, to a future of intelligent machines outsmarting humans.

A Future of Computer Science

Where: Maxwell-Dworkin G135

When: 7pm Tuesday, December 1

The worlds of thought and matter are rapidly colliding. Computer Science will become increasingly important to fields which were previously considered above or beyond computing. I present a summary of fields in which Computer Science involvement could change everything, and a synopsis of how this could happen, as well as what computer scientists in these fields should be prepared for.

Visit http://pscheyer.blogspot.com/2009/11/hcs-speech-outline.html for more details about the topics that will be presented.

Speaker: Peter Scheyer
Peter Scheyer is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Business School who has been carefully watching trends on computer science involvement through his studies, his work in High Finance, and his consulting work in small business, entrepreneurship, and non-profit enterprises for the last few years. He presents a Generation Y standpoint on integrating programming entrepreneurs and long-term investment principles to bring about what is colloquially known as "The Singularity."

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Update (Dec 1, 2009):

Thanks to everyone who came to our final seminar of the semester. Look forward to more HCS seminars once spring semester begins.

The speaker offers the following contacts for those interested in working with EEGs and mind-controlled prosthetics:

Also attached are the slides from the talk (Converted from pptx to ppt due to limitations of our site.)

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