Contact Us

The HCS Board of 2016 is:

  • Harnek Gulati - President
  • Frederick Widjaja - Vice President
  • Jason Goodman - Senior Director of Systems
  • Michael Bervell - Director of Business
  • Annie Hwang - Director of Projects
  • Eric Timmerman - Director of Education
  • Neekon Vafa - Director of Community
  • Abdulrahman Jamjoom - Director of Internal Relations
  • Javier Cuan-Martinez - Director of External Relations
  • Richard Ouyang - Director of External Relations
  • Samuel Oh - Director of External Relations
  • Yuna Joung - Director of Communications
  • Francisco Rivera - Junior Director of Systems
  • Nicholas Boucher - Junior Director of Systems

To contact us with questions or technical issues regarding our account services (including web space, e-mail addresses, and mailing lists), send an email to . We'll get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within a few days.

To contact us about the Society itself (not a question about your account), please send an email to the Board at .

To submit a job posting for our members, send an email to .

You can also write to us:

Harvard Computer Society
59 Shepard St. Box #157
Cambridge, MA 02138