First Office Hours - Freshmen Welcome!

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Our very first office hours of the year will be held on Monday September 17 at 8pm in SOCH 307. Since the Quad is a fair trip from the yard, we'll be gathering by the John Harvard statue at 7:45 and then heading up as a group. You can also meet us in the office later--enter Hilles through the side entrance and take the stairs to the top; we're in the northwest corner. Come if you are interested at all in:

  • running Linux systems
  • coding things for websites
  • future talks and socials with CS faculty
  • free software and tech talk
  • eating lots of free pizza.

If you come, you'll get to learn about the systems we run, the projects we're currently interested in, and possibly have a chance to open an account on our servers. We were happy to meet many freshmen and others at the activities fairs; if you signed up on our lists we will be emailing you with information on all of our opening events! Student group leaders who need help with their accounts are welcome to come to troubleshoot issues. Also, we will be discussing plans for our beginning-of-the-year barbecue, which will be happening in about two weeks.


Thanks for the turnout!

Many thanks to those who showed up! We hope we didn't overwhelm you with all the details, but you'll be able to soon get a closer look at everything related to our systems later. We'll let you know soon about our next meeting, where we'll set you up with accounts so you can poke around our systems yourselves. If you've ever wanted full insight into a production Linux server, this is your chance!