Second Meeting and the Fall Barbecue

A practical use for the PS3: George Foreman style

After a quick online poll, we've settled on Wednesday Sept. 26 at 8pm for our next office hours. This will probably our usual weekly meeting time for the year. Come join us in SOCH 307 (we promise that we won't need ninja techniques to open the door this time) and we will bring you pizza, drinks and for all returning newbs, your brand new HCS accounts.

We will also have a scout at John Harvard statue at 7:45pm to walk up with anybody who's coming from the yard.

On the agenda is our plan for upcoming projects for this year. You all will be trained in acctserv so that you can get some hands-on interaction with our wide array of users. We'll also discuss some UNIX techniques: we plan to give a seminar on the UNIX basics for CS50 students sometime next week, and of course all members are invited to help us present.

Last but not least, this Saturday Sept. 29, the HCS Fall BBQ is going down at 1:00 PM in the Quincy Courtyard. We will be inviting SIPB, so come and meet some of our MIT compatriots! If you happen to have a PS3, please bring it so we can use it to grill the burgers (as pictured; hardware damage may result).