Seminar: Text Editors

A Gnu.

Ever need to edit text? If so, you may need a text editor. And yet there are so many choices: pico (no), vim (maybe), emacs (yes), or ed (almost certainly).

In all seriousness, an age-old battle rages: emacs or vim? Whose side are you on? How will you choose? The fate of the world may rest in your hands.

Want to learn the tips and tricks that will make you a pro and able to tell the difference between these two seemingly similar pieces of software? Of course you do. That's why you'll come to the HCS Seminars on text editors this week!

Wednesday 10/17 3:30-4:30, Science Center 229 (Josh)

Friday 10/19 4:00-5:00, Science Center 229 (Grant)

Our promise to you: these will be way cooler than the Office 2007 training sessions HDot is running. Why? Because unlike Office 2007, emacs plays tetris.