In Common

"In Common is the peer counseling group program for the Graduate and Professional Schools students enrolled at Harvard University. In Common is staffed by Harvard graduate students like you who are trained in peer counseling. Call us any time to talk about academic pressures, suicide, relationship issues, life away from home, loneliness, or problems adjusting to graduate student life. Whenever you want to talk, we are here to listen and provide support.

Eight schools actively participate in the administrative functions responsible for the academic year availability: the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), Graduate School of Education (GSE), Kennedy School of Government (KSG), Harvard Divinity School (HDS), Graduate School of Design (GSD), School of Public Health (SPH), Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the Harvard Law School (HLS). However, In Common is available as a resource to any Harvard Graduate and Professional School student enrolled in any Harvard-affiliated program."

Call: 617.384.8255 Sunday - Thursday, 8pm-midnight (excluding University holidays)