Presencia Latina is Harvard’s Latino and Latin American Cultural Show. The organization was established and officially recognized by Harvard University in October 2002 and has since become identified as one of the most vibrant displays of talent and diversity within the university’s multi-cultural community. The show acknowledges that many Latinos in our country are without a voice, thus the event aims to provide an outlet for the intellectual and artistic expression of Latinos at Harvard and in the greater Boston area.

Our aim is not just to show the richness of Latin American culture through art – ranging from dance, song, music, to visual art and poetry- but also to demonstrate the essential contributions of Latinos in the United States. The marginalized state of many of the members of our community, we affirm, makes the creation of cultural and intellectual spaces imperative. Ultimately, the show serves as a venue for students of all backgrounds to express their culture and to educate the Harvard community and the rest of the world.

In past years we have been excited to recognize the success of such international superstars as Raymond Ayala—also known as Daddy Yankee—along with fashion model Jaslene Gonzalez, and iconic music producers Francisco Saldana and Victor Cabrera, together identified in the music industry as Luny Tunes. Harvard’s Presencia Latina has honored each star with the Latino/Latina of the Year Award. The award was established with the intent of honoring successful artists who serve as ambassadors of Latino culture all around the world and devote time to improving the conditions of disadvantaged members of their communities.