About Us

We are group of mechanical and electrical engineers and computer scientists based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are collaborating to build a team of robots for the small-size league of the Robocup competition. We are a joint Harvard-MIT endeavor with members ranging from undergraduate freshmen to graduate students.

The Harvard component of our club stems from the Harvard College Engineering Society, which was founded in 2004 as a club to join together students of all engineering disciplines and provide them with opportunities to explore their interests. in 2005, it merged with the MIT Competitive Robotics Club, which competed in the Battlebots competition.

We are building robots for the Robocup small-size league, a competition of soccer-playing robots no more than 15 cm in diameter and 18 cm tall. During the competition, the robots are completely autonomous, getting outside inputs only from overhead cameras and an external referee box.

Our mechanical engineers design and build our robots, our electrical engineers design our circuit boards, our computer scientists build the software platforms. Every year we continue to improve on the system we have in place.

We are based at MIT N51 and Harvard’s Pierce Hall (room B9, in the basement). we have also acquired the third floor lounge in Harvard’s Maxwell-Dworkin hall. (this is where our field lives!) If you are interested, feel free to stop by!


Team Structure

Our team has about 30 active members across Harvard and MIT most of which are undergraduates. We have 3 subteams: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Each of the subteams meets weekly and the whole team meets every other week, alternating between Harvard and MIT. We have a president, as well as an executive board.