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About Me:

Harvard undergrad and part-time iOS developer with a passion for design and innovation. Interested in startups and how they fit their individual niches.


Questions & Inquiries:
dev (at) rogergzou (dot) com


iOS Apps



Track This Moment

A real-time tracker iOS app. Built to catalog and limit time spent screwing around. Saves events to the calendar and in-app Activity Log, exportable via email. Now equipped with reminder notifications. Download it here for free.


Save is a personal finance web app that helps users track expenditures, set limits, and develop better spending habits. It analyzes spending patterns and provides helpful graphs to visualize them. A MySQL database is used to store expenses, limits and user information. Naturally, sensitive information is encrypted and hashed. The database is exportable to Dropbox. The site uses PHPMailer to send account verification emails. Design and documentation are available.

Phylogenetic Trees

Using string metrics calculated from Hirschberg's and Levenshtein's algorithms, this web app creates a binary tree arranged by similarity values to model a probable phylogenetic tree in a sample ecosystem based off only the organisms' DNA sequences. You can find it here.