About SCI

SCI equally fosters innovation related to engineering (patents, workshops on patents and the business of science) and related to arts, psychology, ethics, and law. Our focus is what is creativity and how are breakthroughs achieved? This fairly simple, but challenging question needs interdisciplinary insight.

The purpose of the Society for Creativity and innovation is to promote interdisciplinary creativity, enhance creativity in all fields including engineering, physical sciences, and the social sciences. SCI seeks to work closely with other student organizations in order to foster creativity on the Harvard student campus. For this purpose, SCI will complement existing student organizations and not overlap with them. The initiative of SCI will fit in the field of “art science” as a multidisciplinary creativity initiative, encouraging imagination, insight, and providing inspiration for students through experienced lecturers. Specialization is, in some cases, related to shrinking viewpoints. SCI takes insights from many disciplines, to challenge the mind, knowledge, and ethical spirit.

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SCI is affiliated with and supported by the Technology Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) - tech.seas.harvard.edu