Links about Eric Mazur

The Harvard Crimson-"A revolutionary material developed by Harvard physicists can absorb light much more efficiently than ordinary silicon, and it might one day make solar power more economical than oil- or gas-based heating. It also might have made the world’s richest University even richer. But while Harvard scientists have forged ahead with this energy-saving innovation, Harvard administrators appear to have squandered an opportunity to capitalize on the discovery."

The New York Times-"Eric Mazur, the Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard, is driven by a passion. He wants to end science illiteracy among the nation’s college students; specifically, he strives to open them to the 'great beauties of physics.'”

Wikipedia-"In 1998 a serendipitous discovery in Mazur's laboratory led to the development of a new form of silicon, called "black silicon" because of its very low reflectivity . . . The material has found commercial applications in a number of photodetectors."



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