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An Open Letter to Support Ravi Raj


We are asking for your support this week, as we rally behind Ravi Raj, a Harvard employee who has endured considerable harassment in the workplace and now faces the loss of his job. We will gather to picket in front of CGIS North (1737 Cambridge St.) on Thursday, September 3rd at 12 pm.

275 Workers Will Be Laid Off

Two major pieces of news today:
1. Harvard administrators have announced that 275 workers will be laid off in the next 7 business days. According to director of Human Resources, Marilyn Hausammann, "About half of the positions eliminated are administrative or professional positions, and almost all of the remaining ones are clerical or technical jobs". For the Harvard Magazine story click here. Harvard's clerical and technical workers are planning a rally along with students for this Thursday, 12pm, in front of the John Harvard statue in front of University Hall.

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