The Harvard University Library Executive Director Helen Shenton just announced a plan to restructure the Harvard library system and make it more efficient and high-tech. She plans to fund this by laying off some workers and restructuring the jobs of others. She threatened to cut jobs by “voluntary and involuntary means,” and terrified library workers by refusing to provide details about the plan and recommending that they upload their resumes online.

Read the petition HERE.

Some Things Haven't Changed...

W.E.B. Du Bois on his time at Harvard in the 1890's: "The trusts and monopolies were inevitable methods of industry...The attitude of Harvard toward labor was on the whole contemptuous and condemnatory. Strikes like that of the anarchists in Chicago, the railway strikes of 1886; the terrible Homestead strike of 1892 and Coxey's Army of 1894 were pictured as ignorant lawlessness, lurching against conditions largely inevitable. Karl Marx was hardly mentioned and Henry George given but tolerant notice...The intellectual freedom and flowering of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries were yielding to the deadening economic pressure which made Harvard rich but reactionary. This defender of wealth and capital..." (Dusk of Dawn, 40). It's been over a Century since the events described and almost 70 years since these word were written.

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