There may be “One Harvard” for the elite, but there is a very different Harvard for workers who face discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.

We want to change that.

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Johany Pilar, who sued Harvard for sexual harassment, has faced threats and retaliation in Campus Services, where she was called an "embarassing Latina," by the boss. Johany has been denied a transfer out of the department where she was repeatedly harassed.

Marvin Byrd, referred to as "that dirty black man," by the same administrator, has been relegated to the lowest salary grade of any union member in his department, despite long service & a good work record. Marvin, who is partially disabled, has recently faced threats of termination.

The same Campus Services boss also demoted HUCTW* Rep Nassim Kerkache three salary grades, because his English supposedly wasn't good enough for the job he'd done for 9 years! Nassim defended his co-workers, and the reward for his activism was to be downgraded and stripped of his responsibilities.

Judy Rouse was terminated for being a diligent shop steward in Campus Services, an environment where managers referred to workers of color as "animals" and "monkeys." Judy faced threats at work, called the HU Police Dept, and was subsequently fired, and slapped with a no-trespass order by the HUPD.

Long-serving Maintenance Technician Paul Casey was laid off soon after returning from a disability leave, supposedly for "lack of work," even though he was very busy in his job. Paul's duties were simply distributed to other workers, and colleagues are sure he was laid off due to his needing surgery and having to take a leave.

These abuses must be understood in the context of Harvard's refusal to even consider divesting from the fossil fuels that directly threaten our planet, despite having a $32.7 billion endowment, massively larger than any other university's. Harvard's recent response to a student who dared to protest this moral blindness was to have him arrested. Harvard has come under fire for its huge timber plantation in Argentina, which has wrecked wetlands and mercilessly exploited local workers. The University is also under Federal investigation for its handling of sexual assaults on campus. 100 cases of sexual assault have been reported just over the past three years at Harvard, and activists say Harvard's horribly flawed investigative process discourages survivors from taking action.

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