The Harvard University Library Executive Director Helen Shenton just announced a plan to restructure the Harvard library system and make it more efficient and high-tech. She plans to fund this by laying off some workers and restructuring the jobs of others. She threatened to cut jobs by “voluntary and involuntary means,” and terrified library workers by refusing to provide details about the plan and recommending that they upload their resumes online.

Read the petition HERE.

Executive VP Ed Forst Leaves Harvard

On May 26th, Ed Forst announced his resignation as Executive Vice President to Harvard University. So far, no public statements have been made that say why Forst is leaving his position.

SLAM met with Ed Forst on May 20th, six days before his resignation.

Open Response to President Faust

Dear President Faust,

The Student Labor Action Movement would like to thank Bill Murphy, Director of Labor Relations, for responding to the letter we addressed to you. We have had productive and clarifying discussions with Mr. Murphy in the past, and would like to continue communicating with the administration at all levels. We look forward to meeting with Mr. Murphy in the coming week.

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