HEI Workers Rising

Harvard, Don't Reinvest in HEI!

SLAM is requesting that Harvard not reinvest in HEI Hotels and Resorts.

Workers at HEI Hotels have been organizing around issues of low wages, poor benefits, workplace injuries, missing compensation and lacking breaks. HEI has also been accused of anti-union activities. We have prepared a report detailing the unethical nature of HEI’s business plan and explaining a history of intimidation of union activists, low wages, and poor benefits in HEI-managed hotels.

As students at Harvard, we are expected to behave in a socially responsible manner. We may only hope that this university uses its own immense economic and political power to advance causes beneficial for the university’s reputation of social responsibility and justice in society.

Many students also support non-reinvestment in HEI. The February 8, 2011 Crimson Staff editorial declared, “This should go without saying, but Harvard should advocate for workers' rights in the companies it invests in. Unions play a valuable role in maintaining fair working standards for employees, and the allegations that HEI is hindering their presence within its hotels should call Harvard’s relations with the company into question.” As of now, 17 student groups have cosigned our letter to the administration.

Notre Dame Hunger Strike

Today, Notre Dame students are ending a five-day hunger strike with a rally and mass calling on the university to take concrete action against HEI Hotels and Resorts, a company in which the university is invested. Since fall of 2008, students have raised concerns about the unethical labor practices of HEI by leafleting, protesting, meeting with administrators and organizing teach-ins on campus with HEI hotel workers who are leading the struggle for justice at their workplace.

Click here to email and fax President Jenkins and Chief Investment Officer Scott Malpass:

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