Weekly Writing Prompt 9/29

Check out this writing prompt from one of our Tuesday Workshops led by Ginger Marshall!


Breaking Prompt:

Make a list of things that can be broken:

  1.  iPhone
  2.  Hearts
  3.  Teacups
  4. Marriages
  5. Promises

Now make a list of how to fix each item on the list:

  1. Plug it in
  2. Find someone new
  3. Glue and patience
  4. Couples Therapy
  5. Don’t trust her again

Mix them up however you want!

I fixed my iPhone by never trusting her again.

I fixed my broken heart with glue and patience.

I fixed my shattered teacup by finding someone new.


Take one of the sentences that you find particularly interesting/poetic, and run with that line. Write a poem or something


Stuck? Think about all of the phrases that start with “break”

  • break up
  • break down
  • break off
  • break the glass ceiling
  • breaking hearts
  • breaking bad
  • breaking bread
  • break-through
  • broken arm
  • breaking waves
  • break in

Watch this youtube video (it’s about broken families and broken words), by Phil Kaye –

“Repetition” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EILQTDBqhPA


Now challenge yourself… in the poem you just composed, take one of the words and repeat it throughout the poem. It might work… or it might just be an interesting exercise.