Weekly Writing Prompt 10/2

Weekly Writing Prompt 10/2

Check out this weekly writing prompt from the workshop on Tuesday led by Misha!


— pick a celestial object: black hole, star, asteroids, planets, etc. Can be a specific one or general
— first just describe it like you would in a poem
(think of 1 line to describe it how you normally would, everyone
goes around and shares their body and their short poetic lines)

— think of it as a person
— what does it do?
— is it married?
— is it moody?
— Just write out a description like they’re a character

— Once you’ve described it, talk about its daily routine
— Or maybe you want to write about it falling in love?
— Routine or love make it do things

now let’s work outside in

— pick an every day action
— like pouring milk into your cereal
— try to see if you can describe simple small scale actions on these grand scales
— milk into cereal –> milky way colliding with the matter of star system corn flakes

okay one more exercise if there’s time

— so our bodies are officially made of the product of stars
— what does that mean to you?
— does that mean you are a star? in what capacity? Does that mean you and your ancestors are up to shit? Take it in a literal sense and describe something magical realism-y? Take it in a figurative sense and talk about exuberance and showing your personality.