the board

The SOL Board & our 7-word bios

Ginger Marshall

Very freckled girl
Spontaneously creates
Seven-word haikus

Olu Animashuan

high-pitched laughter, the birdsong of my fly soul

Events Manager

This is my 7-word bio.

Catherine Kim
Outreach Ringmaster

a silly goose,
possibly a tabby cat

Awais Hussain
Publicity Manager

Poetry, Physics,
Philosophy, Pool,
and … perfunctoriness?

Mariah Browne
Workshop Manager

no indoor voice.

Anastacia Valdespino
Assistant Workshop Manager

Wildflowers rise from
sidewalks, and I note.

Maura Church

Dreamer and geek
who loves you already

Melanie Wang

loves: root vegetables,
asking too many questions

Danny Wood

wacky, weird,
imaginary best friend,
told you…

Bryan Erickson

This is my 7-word bio.

Julia Becerra

Laughs at own jokes
No shame.

Jamie Banks
President Emeritus

Life/art purpose:
causing laughter,
occasional thoughts.

Euphrat Weston
President Emerita

Word nerd. Let’s change shit with art.

Michelle Suh
Events Manager Emerita

student, sister, friend.
loves (word)play, details; people.

One Response

  1. Naomi Lang
    Naomi Lang April 11, 2013 at 10:37 am · Reply

    I sometime think of what they would say now,
    If they had of known what I went through.
    Always laughing and smiling and making jokes,
    Joke after joke after joke.
    Pretending so hard I didn’t care that it hurt.
    So much. Still not good enough.
    It was nobody’s fault that they didn’t see the pain,
    After all it was hidden so well.
    But maybe they should have looked closer, or
    I should have tried harder.
    The expectations often felt suffocating,
    But this suffocation was all in mind.
    I think. Or thought. And hoped.
    Everyone else seemed to survive, I remember seeing it.
    Gazing at them, in awe, in jealousy and then looking
    Back on myself in disgust.
    I tried to remember what my parents always told me,
    That no one has it easy and every one struggles.
    But them, the others, they got through their struggles.
    I couldn’t.
    I remember every day waking up and telling myself,
    Today is a new day.
    Today I will shine brighter, work harder and be better than yesterday.
    And at the end of every day, all I had was a book of failed stories,
    Stories of failure. That haunted me in my sleep and in the daylight.
    Inescapable and internal.
    But still, every morning I’d tell myself,
    Let’s try again.
    Let’s just try again.
    There’s only so many times you can try again. But I told myself,
    Keep going.
    In a strange way, I found my greatest comfort in my friends
    But also my worst fears.
    The success, the beauty, the talent of them. Terrified me and
    Made me feel like I would never find fulfillment or be fulfilled.
    And in times like these, all I really needed was to see my parents.
    Talk to them, hug them, let my walls down because they knew everything
    There was to know.
    But they were so far away, away from the world I was in
    And this disconnection was so isolating. So frightening.
    It was like I saw all the colorful things around me, but when I came close
    It all turned to black and grey.
    Do you want to know the worst part?
    I knew it shouldn’t be like this. I knew I should change my thoughts.
    I knew, I knew, I knew, I just didn’t know how.
    I read all the quotes that tried to lift my soul,
    I listened to the songs that urged me to continue,
    I heard my friend’s compliments and congratulations.
    But still, the tears trickled down, slowly and silently,
    And never in front of them.

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