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Continuing Event: Harvard Stem Cell Writing Initiative

The Harvard College Stem Cell Society, in conjunction with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), has launched a program to engage high school students in scientific writing on issues related to stem cells. The Writing Initiative kicks off November 2007 at the Boston Urban Science Academy. Volunteers will develop a classroom curriculum, and pair students with labs at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. The program culminates in the students writing an article about the research area they have studied that is published through the Stem Cell Institute. Principle investigators who are involved include Professors David Scadden (stem cell niche), Amy Wagers (muscle tissue from adult stem cells) and Kevin Eggan (reprogramming somatic cell nuclei). If you are interested in becoming involved, please email stemcell-exec (at) hcs (dot) harvard (dot) edu.

Upcoming Seminars

Click here for seminars and talks hosted by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Past Events

Religion and the Science of Stem Cells:
This interactive panel discussion was held Thursday, March 8, 7pm in Emerson 305 (Harvard campus). Speakers representing diverse religions and viewpoints will discuss religious perspectives on embryonic stem cell research and related issues. Co-hosted by the Triple Helix, Dharma, The Harvard Islamic Society, the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Students Association, and Harvard Hillel. After a brief introduction to stem cell science, each speaker will outline how faith, philosophy, and ethics intertwine to affect opinions on stem cell research morality. The remaining time will be used to field audience questions, and encourage discussion. Speakers include Rabbi Avi Poupko (sponsored by Hillel), Dr. Mohummad Minhaj Siddiqui (sponsored by Harvard Islamic Society), Dr. Neil Krishen Aggarwal (sonsored by Dharma), Prof. Jorge Garcia from BC (sponsored by the Catholic Students Association), and Dr. Michelin Mathews-Roth (a Catholic and an avid supporter of adult [non-embryonic] stem cell research).

Harvard College Stem Cell Symposium:
Held Oct. 14, from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm at Harvard Hall, this groundbreaking symposium provided a venue for students in the Harvard community to learn more about stem cell research and the issues related to this field. The symposium included talks by researchers, economists, ethicists, and politicians, as well as a poster session by Harvard students. Featured speakers included Harvard Stem Cell Institute co-director Doug Melton and Congressman Michael Capuano. View the schedule here.

Perspectives on Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion:
Held April 7th, 2006, this event featured Professors Frances Kamm, Kevin Eggan, and M. Christian Green.

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