Mission Statement

The Harvard College Stem Cell Society is a club dedicated to advancing stem cell science by raising awareness and promoting education about stem cell research and the complex issues surrounding it. In order to accomplish this goal, we plan to hold panel discussions involving speakers from multiple disciplines with an interest in the stem cell research debate, as well as educate the student body through posters in the science center and information sessions. Another component of the organization will involve community outreach, including possible collaboration with local high schools (to provide educational presentations) as well as the graduate students in the Harvard community (to form a wider network of support). Our concerns extend beyond pure scientific research into politics and moral responsibility. See our constitution for more information.

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Alan Chou | 2008.01.12

The Harvard College Stem Cell Society is a student-run organization at Harvard College. The Harvard name and/or VERITAS shield are trademarks of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of Harvard University.