Executive Board

Mihir Gupta, President:
Mihir is a sophomore Molecular and Cellular Biology Concentrator, with intended minors in Gender Studies and Spanish. He has researched in Dr. Katherine Verfaillie's stem cell laboratory, and written a chapter for an upcoming book on angiogenesis under the mentorship of professors at the University of Minnesota. He is in charge of event coordination with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the writing program.

Michelle Chua Siao, Secretary:
Michelle is a junior concentrating in neurobiology.She plans to pursue a career in medicine and biomedical research. She is in charge of records and answering basic questions from interested students.

Susan Maya:
Susan is a senior concentrating in biochemical science. She plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career in biomedical research.

Alan Chou, Webmaster:
Alan is a junior concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology. He currently conducts research in Dr. Carla Kim's lab on lung stem cells, and volunteers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He plans to pursue a career in medicine.

Please email stemcell-exec (at) hcs (dot) harvard (dot) edu for questions to the exec board.

Faculty Advisors

Douglas Melton and Kevin Eggan serve as faculty advisors.

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Alan Chou | 2008.01.12

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