HCS Services

What services does HCS provide?


Harvard Computer Society (HCS) offers two free web services available to Harvard affiliates: mailing lists and web accounts.

Mailing lists provide an efficient way to facilitate announcements to or discussion among student groups, houses, study groups, blockmates, or groups of friends. It is easy to add any number of Harvard and non-Harvard addresses to a mailing list, and administering them is simple and requires little technical expertise. They have the form list-name@hcs.harvard.edu, and can be created here.

Can I use Dreamweaver with my group's website?



1. First set an sftp password with the command "sftppasswd" from the command line.

2. Then open Dreamweaver, click manage sites, select your site and hit edit, and go the the advanced tab.

3. On the side menu there, click "Remote info", then choose an access of "FTP" and then fill out FTP host is "hcs.harvard.edu", host directory is "~group_name_here/web/folder_name" and login and password are "group_name" and the sftppassword that you set earlier. Check the "use secure ftp" box.

4. Then, you can sync your website.

Can I get support in person?


Yes! Just come to our office hours, which happen approximately weekly in our office at SOCH 307. Currently, they're scheduled on Tuesdays from 8-10 or later, although this is subject to change and you should check our homepage for the most up-to-date information.

Who is eligible for HCS Services?


Anyone in the Harvard community can apply for any of the services offered by HCS. In order to get a mailing list, you only need a valid harvard.edu (or hbs.edu) e-mail address. You can make a list instantly at our list page. If you would like a full account with web a website and a real e-mail address, you should fill out the form here. Again, anyone in the Harvard community can apply for an account as long as it has a specific purpose and benefits a group of people.

Do you support php/ruby on rails/something else?


Yes. Rails is a bit complex, but we're working on making it easy. In general, you should ask us if you need something - we're very friendly. And if you're really interested in using Rails or another application server, you might be interested in helping us figure out the best way to support them.

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